A Blackout on Communications 12-1530 CST Tomorrow

We got a date with Touch Down Jesus.

Go Irish!


THAT”S the GAME !!
Notre Dame 17 UM 10

20 Responses to “A Blackout on Communications 12-1530 CST Tomorrow”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    The weirdos here in Hadithah Dam seem intent on watching some team named after an obscure tree nut.
    We finally got the tv working after 6 months, and they don’t seem to want to see the only team that really matters. Go figure.
    Mike Rentner
    ND ’85

  2. Stay tuned, Mike. Updates on the way.

  3. With 12:02 left in the first quarter, Notre Dame opening drive, 12 plays later:


  4. Mike, some beautiful pics you might not have seen.

  5. pffft. michigan field goal.
    Forgot to mention that the ranking Gods have rewarded ND with a ’20’ spot since last week’s Pitt thrashing. That’s pretty cool. Maybe premature, but cool none the less.

  6. 5:26 left in the second, first and goal ND.

  7. Second and goal…


    ND 14 UM 3

  8. um threatening and


    Run back to the 28yd line.

  9. Oh pooh, can’t capitalize on it and have to punt.

  10. First minute, 4th quarter


    ND 17 UM 3

  11. Darious Walker fumbles, UM moves the ball, now fourth and goal…
    time out ND
    …Woo Hoo!! Incomplete pass!

  12. UM goal line fumble…


  13. Oh pooh. UM scores.
    ND 17 UM 10
    About 3 mins left.

  14. guinsPen says:

    Feel free to exhale…

  15. Woo hoo, UM turns it over on downs. Take a knee, run a little play

  16. Mike Rentner says:

    Oh thanks for the commentary, but they played the game on the AFN. I got to see it live! After six months we finally got the stupid tv to work. No one even cared until football season!

  17. You mean I worked my fingers to bloody stubs for NOTHING???
    No good deed goes unpunished.

  18. Nightfly says:

    I hadn’t agreed with the Willingham firing, but they’re looking good this season… My Irish grandmama is smiling down on the boys for that one.
    BTW – #16 happens to be my own uni number (I have the hockey jerseys to prove it). It brought a little smile to my day…

  19. The Real JeffS says:

    What is this “football” that you discuss so passionately?

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