A Bridge TOO Far

Navy Lt. Bryan D. Black, a U.S. Naval Academy faculty member, thought he was just shooting the breeze when he told a midshipman that getting on a battleship turned him on.
Such was the sentiment, at least, though the language was saltier than the Chesapeake Bay, where an inspired Black was serving as safety officer on an oceanographic cruise aboard a “yard patrol craft.”
Unfortunately for Black, among the midshipmen was at least one sensitive female. He also made some other equally spicy comments about his ex-wife, of whom he apparently is no longer fond, that were overheard by, but not spoken in front of, female midshipmen.
Now he faces a special court-martial and three criminal charges.

I am SO SICK of this piss ant bullsh*t, I could puke. These ‘service’ women and their enablers demean and destroy everything Kcruella, I and our fellow WM’s went through to claim our place as Marines.
UPDATE: Strange this should show up now, but Opinion Journal has a piece about a new book by Kate O’Beirne (who I personally can’t stand) called (Ick ~ who thinks of this stuff?) “Women Who Make the World Worse“. But how timely. There’s this especially relevant quote:

Also from the Clinton era is Duke University law professor Marilyn Morris, who in her role as an adviser to the secretary of the Army urges the elimination of the “masculinist attitudes” of the military, such as “dominance, assertiveness, aggressiveness, independence, self-sufficiency, and willingness to take risks.”

3 Responses to “A Bridge TOO Far”

  1. Cullen says:

    I want to know how it got this far. The first step in any harassment process is to confront the person supposedly guilty of the harassing. Or, if uncomfortable confronting them, contacting that person’s first line supervisor.
    Any EO/EEO counselor will tell you that. If someone attempts to bring official charges against someone, the first thing a counselor will ask you is if the person you’re trying to level charges against is aware of your offense to their behavior.
    Rassa-frassin’ sensitive modern military %*&#$!

  2. WunderKraut says:

    dominance, assertiveness, aggressiveness, independence, self-sufficiency, and willingness to take risks
    Kind of hard to win wars WITHOUT the above qualities.

  3. Emily says:

    Eliminate those elements and you don’t have a military. You have a girl scout troop.

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