A Cautionary Tale: When Making Plans for That ‘BIG’ Weekend

…of Lounge Lizard fantasies, remember to bring a spare if things go wrong.

Mozart, an iguana with an erection that has lasted for over a week, will have his penis amputated in the next couple of days.
Veterinarians at Antwerp’s Aquatopia had sought to treat the animal’s problem, but decided removal was the only solution because of the risk of infection. The good news for Mozart and his mates is that male iguanas have two penises.
Mozart, sitting on the shoulders of his keeper as camera crews focused on his red, swollen erection, seemed unperturbed by the news.
“It doesn’t bother him. He doesn’t know what amputation means,” said vet Luc Lambrecht, adding that Mozart’s sexual activity should be undimmed by the operation.
I don’t think so. That’s all in his head.

I think that’s true of males in general.

3 Responses to “A Cautionary Tale: When Making Plans for That ‘BIG’ Weekend”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    Now that’s just uncalled for!

  2. colin says:

    What’d she say?

  3. Now I’ll be walking pigeon-toed all week. (It’s not like an appendectomy).

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