A Crime That Staggers The Mind

You just have to wonder “why” after you recoil from the horror of this:

EAST ST. LOUIS, Illinois (AP) — A woman accused of killing a pregnant woman and her fetus told police she drowned the woman’s three young children and stuffed them into a washer and dryer at their apartment, an official said Sunday.

She was this woman’s best friend

By all accounts, Hall and Jimella Tunstall were like sisters, survivors in this place defined by crime, poverty, crumbling buildings and potholed roads.
The two were quiet loners who gravitated toward each other at school. They both became teenage mothers.

yet she ends up beating her unconcious, then cutting open her belly with a pair of scissors and removing her 7-month old baby, then she drowns the woman’s other 3 children.

One Response to “A Crime That Staggers The Mind”

  1. There’s no hatred like the hatred that forms between people who are relatives or close friends. Familiarity really does breed contempt, especially in places where there aren’t a lot of social brakes on behavior. I’ll bet you there was either a man (or another woman) at the bottom of this, or maybe one woman — probably the killer — had become so suffocating and possessive (this is possible between people who aren’t having sex with each other, though that is often a component) that the other one was trying to get away — perhaps something as innocuous as moving out of the neighborhood. Or else drugs were involved.
    I read too many mystery novels.

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