A Deadly Gas Attack of the Twelfth Magnitude

Steve Litton/Small Business Owner: “My customers expect that when I bill them, I’m giving them a complete and accurate bill. Well, I expect that when I get my gas bill, I’m getting a complete and accurate bill.”

But the city owned monopoly was not giving him accurate bills. They weren’t charging him sales tax.
After a state auditor caught the error, the city is asking for all of that money back, 4 years worth.
A total of over 5 thousand bucks.

…And Litton is not alone 257 businesses are being asked to pay up.

Steve is a friend of mine, not to mention the guy who picks up major dad’s drycleaning on Mondays at work. He’s understandably really PISSED.

I don’t get this at all. I have to fill out my piddling little Florida sales tax return EVERY quarter and send the few pennies I’ve gleaned for the collective in to the state coffers. If I DON’T, the State Department of Revenue comes after ths, not the person who bought the glass from me at the Gallery Night in July. After ME. ESP should be taking this $345,000 f*ck-up in the shorts, not trying a legal slam on people who paid their bills like good girls and boys every month. Do you know they even tried to hardball Steve, telling him he’d claimed a “tax-free” exemption, so it was all his fault? He called their bullsh*t just about that fast (I wonder if they tried that line on the other 256 businesses, too, just to see what’d stick…), so it was back to “pay or die” by the end of the conversation, anyway.

The other business in the WEARTV report “owes” over ELEVEN GRAND, but they’re a small restaurant chain out of south Florida. Why do I think that should make a difference?

Because I’m hoping they can afford they lawyer that Steve can’t.

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