A ‘Device’ In London

Looks like someone thankfully lost their nerve

Car bomb found in central London
Police say the area will be closed for some time
Police have disabled a car bomb containing gas cylinders in the heart of central London.
Officers carried out a controlled explosion after reports of a suspicious vehicle parked in Haymarket shortly before 0200 BST (0100 GMT).
The area was cordoned off while police examined what they described as a “potentially viable explosive device”.
…Bouncers from a nearby nightclub said they saw the car being driven erratically before it crashed into a bin. They said the driver then got out and ran off.
Police sources have confirmed that gas canisters were involved in the incident, close to Piccadilly Circus.
But Scotland Yard has refused to comment on reports that a large number of nails were found in the car.
One police source said the bomb was a “big device” and posed a real and substantial threat to the area around Haymarket, which is in London’s theatreland.
But a Westminster source said it was a “relatively small” device.

Hopefully there will be enough evidence to find out who tried to do this. The fact that they used a Mercedes shows some cunning, as a beat-up jalopy or small truck would likely arouse more attention than a nice new expensive sedan.
Tim Blair, of course, blames us Presbyterians.

One Response to “A ‘Device’ In London”

  1. ricki says:

    Thank God the creep lost his nerve (I guess for some folks, when it comes down to brass tacks, the promise of 72 virgins isn’t quite enough?). And thank God the bouncers got suspicious and called the cops – it could have been a device like in Madrid, where there was a trigger on it and someone just had to call a cell phone….

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