A Drachma For Your Thoughts

Somehow I think this succinctly sums up exactly why the Greeks are in the mess they’re in

“I feel angry that my right to dream has been denied and it’s mainly the government’s fault,” said Penny, a 19-year-old student demonstrating on a square in front of the parliament building — the scene of riots last week.

I’m glad my tax dollars are going towards helping Penny live her dream.

In other Greco news

The cabinet is also set to give its approval to a radical plan to overhaul the pensions system, raising the retirement age for women to 65 and increasing the number of years that workers have to pay retirement contributions.

Men presumably still get to retire at 53, if there’s any justice to the plan…

One Response to “A Drachma For Your Thoughts”

  1. ricki says:

    “My dream has been denied and it’s the government’s fault”?!?!

    Look, unless you’re living in a totalitarian dictatorship, you don’t get to say that. Go out and get a JOB, honey.

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