A DunkinDonuts Chocolate Creme Filled to the Swiller Who Can Decipher

…any single ONE of the eleven incomprehensible, OccupyWallStreet statements in the slide show.

It would be hard to pick a winner. Would it be this from the young guy…

…“You probably hear the more cliché answer, ‘I want change,’ but I want change in the ways that change is possible. I want change that is most practical as possible,” he said. “I want to see new policies that give us a real freedom, I want to see less corruption, but I want to see less corruption done practically. It’s a free market, it’s a free capitalistic market, but not a direct democracy.”

…or THIS from the 57 yr. old (?!) “Vietnam vet”?

…“Your government is in two wars right now, but there wouldn’t be any homeless people right now if there weren’t any wars would there?…”

Oh, what to choose, what to choose! It is, as they said in Top Gun, a “target rich environment”.

Or, if I wanted to be a true subversive and a real cub reporter, I could eschew these online, New York opinions and gather my own.

Yes, ladies and germs. I have learned that Pensacola is to be subjected to it’s own version of OccupyWallStreet, called “WeRCleverCopyCats


And the local fishwrap* is fanning those FaceBook flames to help!

…The group Occupy Pensacola, which formed around the event, had 577 supporters late Tuesday on Facebook.

“I was amazed to find out how many people were interested in this once the word got out,” Heyer said. “I thought we would have fewer than 30 people. … I was totally floored by it.”

But when your target audience is 99 percent of Americans, you can’t help finding support.
The “99 percent” is something of a mantra among Occupy Wall Street protesters, a reference to the other “1 percent,” super-rich Americans who control most of the nation’s wealth.

(*Like the sooper-rich Gannett EE-VILLE CORPORATION which OWNS the Pensacola News Journal? Surely they must mean other evil-doers.)

I will endeavor to keep this sinus condition raging in order to protect myself against the smells associated with protestors of this ilk and, if I also remember batteries, perhaps I’ll venture out into the great, unwashed Pensacola hordes…oh, that’s a bit melodramatic. But I WILL take bets on how many Rick Scott effigies I see. He’s, like, the favoritest Leftie target of them ALL in these parts!

If I have a chance, I’ll go see what sort of brain baffling crap they’re peddling.

I mean, Pensacola? REALLY?

19 Responses to “A DunkinDonuts Chocolate Creme Filled to the Swiller Who Can Decipher”

  1. mojo says:

    They have newspapers in P-cola?

    Whatever for? 😉

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    NewspapeR ~ in the singular, Smarty Pants.

    Don’t you be using those plurals around these parts, unless you’re referring to the three pages in each day’s edition.

    So HAH!

  3. Gary from Jersey says:

    Don’t bathe for a week then go. You’ll fit right in. And remember: It doesn’t matter what you protest as long as you protest. Something.

  4. barking spider says:

    These clowns are coming to Tampa Thursday. I plan to go there with my camera to do the news coverage the local Dem Party stenographers won’t do.

  5. Gunslinger says:

    The idiots are also coming to Milwaukee on October 15th. I should have just enough time to pick out a paintball gun and whip up several thousand vinegar imbibed paintballs.

  6. JeffS says:

    Guns, you’ll really make an impression if you freeze some of those paint balls…..

  7. Dr Alice says:

    They’re down at L.A. City Hall too. Seriously, WTF? What do they hope to accomplish by this? At least it’s raining today, which should drive some of them off…

  8. major dad says:

    The PBS bit on them was a gut buster. An awful lot of young white kids with I-Pads and the best protest was “I don’t want artificial colors in my food” they are a bunch of losers. Let us see how many are there when the weather goes to shit.

  9. Greg Newson says:

    If the guy is 57,he’s probably a Vietnam-Era vet,not a
    Viet Nam vet.He would have been 19 in 1973 and could have maybe caught the very tail-end of the American involvement.But,I doubt it..

  10. Winston Smith says:

    I wonder if our Mr Vietnam Veteran would want to drag off the streets those who just happen to like that lifestyle?

  11. Mockingbird says:

    Local radio said there will be Occupy Jacksonville on SAt. in Hemming Park.
    I can see it now…” We want fairtrade, free shrimp, and we want free bird! And beer! Yeah, free Bud!”

  12. bingbing says:


    It’s a goldmine (pardon the pun).

    The best?

    ““There are certain things called civil liberties which are limitations on democracy.”

    Another good one.

    “I fell in love with this place, they are preaching the right message, equality, peace, everyone should have an equal right to everything. Nobody should have to pay for education, food, nobody should have to be suffering for medical care,” said Stoops.

    Stoops is a volunteer at the campsite and helps serve the donated food to protestors.

    “I believe with this movement we can open the eyes of the world and show the people that we can live in a society where we don’t have to live in a currency-based economy,” he said. “There’s no better message than what we are preaching here.”

  13. aelfheld says:

    I’m surprised the OccupyKnittedSleepingBags crowd didn’t include a demand for later bedtimes.

  14. RebeccaH says:

    Where can they possibly march in Pensacola? Old Town? The beach?

    And do they really want to mix it up with a bunch of swabbies?

  15. Larry says:

    Here’s your translation:
    “I’m a f’n moron and there is a camera in my face so I am going to string words together even though they don’t make any sense.
    And, like Jon Karry, I served during VietNam!”

  16. Trololol says:

    You’re clearly out of the loop. There’s an occupy “insert every mid-major city in the U.S.”. I thought bloggers were supposed to be up to date on these kind of things. You should probably stick to videos about honey badgers.

  17. Trololol says:

    Oh AND you skew moderate your comments and skew people’s opinions of your shitty ass blog also!? That’s adorable. Ya know what go ahead and flame the shit out of anyone trying to make a difference. No one pays any attention to your “swill” anyway.

  18. Dr Alice says:

    These people aren’t making a difference, dumbass. The group protests during the Depression? They had a very clear message: “We want jobs. Please give us jobs so we can feed our families.” Whereas these guys can’t even articulate what they want.

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