A Good Start

Hopefully the GOP will follow through on this

House Republicans seem intent on blowing up the staid appropriations process when they take power in January — potentially upending the old bulls in both parties who have spent decades building their power over the federal budget.

The plans include slicing and dicing appropriations bills into dozens of smaller, bite-size pieces — making it easier to kill or slash unpopular agencies. Other proposals include statutory spending caps, weekly votes on spending cuts and other reforms to ensure spending bills aren’t sneakily passed under special rules.

The bolded part is, in my mind, the key, because remember: The Deficit is a problem, but it is not THE Problem. It is a symptom; the Disease that must be eradicated is the SIZE of Government.

Anything less is just a band aid.

But I am encouraged that the steps outlined above are the right ones to take

“John should talk with the professional appropriators about the complexities, rather than talk off the top of his head. His plans would take a huge amount of the House’s time, but what would it accomplish?” said a dubious former House Republican member of the Appropriations Committee who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A former Democratic appropriator also was skeptical about describing prospective changes at that committee, which has a strong tradition of producing 12 bills every year from 12 subcommittees run by 12 very powerful Appropriations “cardinals.”

“On the practical side, it has to be nuts. Given the difficulty in passing the current bills, adding these changes would be a dream world. … There could be a revolt by members, who will want to get home and campaign.”

That type of squealing from these goddamned pigs on both sides of the aisle tells you that this is a step in the right direction, and it deserves our support.

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3 Responses to “A Good Start”

  1. tree hugging sister says:

    I like a guy who thought of a girls room in addition to saving the country from rack and ruin. I’m feeling the initial stirrings of hope and change, plus a good bit of blue-faced, Braveheart battle savagery: like, this could be really, REALLY GOOD chicken soup for the soul. Or, at the very least, immensely satisfying to watch unfold.

    Damn. I hope they don’t let me down too hard.

  2. Yojimbo says:

    I don’t think the people we just elected will let us down. Trouble is they’re not the majority of Republicans, much less a majority of the House.

    If they could pass anything close to this…..

    Maybe if they started “morning business”, you know, in the morning, instead of 2 PM like they did the other day something like this is possible.

  3. greg newsom says:

    Every city,every county,and most states are also running at massive deficits now.If you add that to the Federal shortfall,it means the smoke and mirrors of our economy must collapse it’s almost
    a law of nature.

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