A Governor’s Son, An American

(Pataki) added that graduates from Yale have a lot of options, but not all are as rewarding as being a Marine. “I wanted something more exceptional; something that would make the most out of me.”

Thank you, Teddy Pataki, and God Bless.

4 Responses to “A Governor’s Son, An American”

  1. Oo-RAH, Lt. Teddy!
    The post about this on KOS last night also happened to be the very first time I’d ever been to that site. ‘Barking moonbats’ you Blair-ites call them, right? Thank God you do, because there are no words to describe the ignorant hateful flippancy on display there. They are screaming how the ‘rich kid got a deferment ~ send him to the front lines like the other grunts.’ First, how can a volunteer get a deferment, morons. The program he is under is the same Ebola has applied for, called the PLC ~ Platoon Leaders Course. For the record, where OCS/TBS fall one after the other, with this they’re broken apart for a small group of candidates. Your program application is for a specific slot/job/MOS that they project needing x amount of in 1-3 years. Competition is keen, YOU still pay for the rest of your degree and you do Officer Candidate School in the summer of your Jr/Sr year for BA/BS. Then you actually go to The Basic School and out to the Fleet when you have the sheepskin.
    They haven’t the faintest clue how anything works, but are all experts. Now, I wince at the rightwing sites like LGF, et al, where the info’s good, but the rhetoric tends to people foaming at the mouth, but dear Lord! They pale in comparison with the aberrant, delusional, outright insane pronouncements on display at Kos. I mean, DAMN!

  2. Crusader says:

    Funny thing is, I have never been to Kos or LGF or New Republic. Dunno why, just have never bothered to visit, I suppose. Used to read Tim Blair everyday until the IT Nazis blocked the site. Grrrrr…

  3. Rander says:

    The issue is not whether young Teddy fulfilled his contract with the marines by obtaining his law school deferment. Nor is the issue how much expertise those who criticize George Pataki have on marine deferment procedures.
    The issue is the question posed by Moore in Fahrenheit 911: Why are so many people in favor of the invasion of Iraq, and there children, unwilling to join the military, and place themselves in harms way in support of their beliefs and their country.
    Rather than attack those who continue to ask this question, why don’t you just answer it?

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    This ‘question’ is a straw man (unlike moore, who is the michelin man). the whole ‘chickenhawk’ argument, while appealing on a shallow level, ignores the fact that our military answers first and foremost, hell, and ultimately, to civilians. a civilian leader’s past, future, and present status in the military has no bearing what so ever on their right to order and command the military. is the left proposing that one can only advocate positions if one wholeheartedly adopts them? rather fascist of them.
    as this is my blog, i will ‘attack’ who and what i please.

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