A Grievous Blow To The Rovian Reich

Here we are spending years of effort and gazillions of dollars to turn our once Idyllic Cupcakeland™ country into the Rovian Land of Dispair™, and Tim Worstall uncovers stuff like this still going on:

The New York Governor George Pataki ruled that Mr Dicks had not committed a crime while physically in either New York or Louisiana. And, as online gambling was not outlawed in the State of New York, he had no choice but to release him.
The governor’s counsels said in a statement: “While the Governor supports efforts to restrict illegal off-shore gaming, he does not have the legal authority to order the extradition of Mr Dicks.”

That’s the way it works, or ought to. No discretion, rather, the law is the law and if you can’t be convicted when the system follows all of said law, then you should not be convicted.

I mean, he’s a danged furrner, too!
If we can’t make them disappear into the endless morass of the Lileksian Gulag System, well then I fear all is lost, my friends.

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