A Happy Update

In a wonderful story, folks have made sure they’ll stay together

A blind man who nearly died after falling onto subway train tracks will get to keep the loyal dog who tried to save him – thanks to New Yorkers who whipped out their checkbooks to help the duo stay together.

Cecil Williams, 61 – whose 11-year-old pooch, Orlando, leaped onto the tracks after his master fainted on Tuesday – said the lovable lab will retire as a seeing-eye dog and become a pet with the help of donation money.

Williams, who will get a new service dog because Orlando is too old, had planned to give up his furry pal because his insurance plan doesn’t cover the living cost of non-working dogs, he said.

Donation cash will now pay for Orlando’s vet bills and food, which Williams said fills him with joy.

“The spirit of giving, Christmas and all that – it exists here. It’s in New York,” he said, in tears, at St. Luke’s hospital on Wednesday.

“Orlando, he’s my best buddy. He’s my pal. He takes me on the train. He takes me on the buses. He takes me everywhere I need to go. He’s a very gentle, gentleman,” he said.

No bureaucrats, no red tape.

There was an existing need and the People addressed it immediately.

If the Government had decided it would “help” Mr. Williams, imagine how much time it would have taken them, and imagine how much it would have cost if it ever actually got done.

In fact, I fear that the government will get their revenge and punish Mr. Williams as I expect them to declare that the monies raised now render him ineligible for whatever public benefits he currently receives…

3 Responses to “A Happy Update”

  1. Fausta says:

    I’m very happy to read this. Usually seeing-eye dogs don’t live long if separated from their masters.

  2. aelfheld says:




    That’s gonna be one, deservedly, spoiled pooch.

  3. JeffS says:

    Mr. B, the goobermint bureaucracy would have taken several months just to decide if they COULD do anything. Then more time to see if they SHOULD, let alone “WILL”.

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