A Little Organization Pays Off

A Swill Salute of the Highest Order to These Guys.

Even as its employees sleep on the office floor, breathing diesel fumes from a generator and watching looters from their windows, a Web company in New Orleans vows it won’t let the hurricane shut it down…
…Employees haven’t been lacking food. The company has routinely supplied its employees with lunch up to twice a week, and chief executive Sigmund Solares was storing food “just to keep ahead,” Barnett said via instant messaging.
“Sigmund Solares is the most organized, stockpiling human being on earth, and we all love him for it,” Barnett said.
The accommodations, however, leave something to be desired: “I’ve been sleeping on the carpet, and that’s a very thin layer covering the hard concrete. It takes about 3 days to get accustomed to sleeping on concrete,” Barnett, a former soldier, wrote on his blog.
Barnett started the blog last week. One of his first entries: “Hmm. This could actually be a nasty storm.”

(Sir Rob ~ When you get power, we’re gonna need that jelly donut back…Sorry. Console yourself with “All Glory is fleeting.”)

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