A New Normal

Yesterday was a very draining day. While it’s vital and important that we remember our friends and fellow citizens who were murdered that day it is hard. Man. We honor our friends by remembering them, and by going on, by living our lives.
Life will never be as it was prior to September 11th, that ‘normal’ is irrevocably gone. We have to make a new normal, and I think we have. I think we have a better, more realistic view of the world; well, at least some of us do, and that’s a start. We now know beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that there are people in this world who simply hate us and our way of life, and that no amount of dialogue or bridge-building or global conferencing will make them change their minds or decide not to kill us; they can not be brought to a reasonable compromise because they are not reasonable people.
In a real sense the figurative veil has been removed from our eyes by people who want to put a literal one in its place.
And so we must, and will, go on as we have these past five years, stumbling occasionally, as we face up to what confronts us, and what we will need to do if we are to defeat it. There are but two choices: defeat it or submit to it. We owe the 2996 from September 11th and the many since to never, ever submit to it.
Otherwise we are not worthy of what they have given.

5 Responses to “A New Normal”

  1. John says:

    We owe it to our children to never submit to it.

  2. Lisa says:

    I read several what you would call “mommy blogs” and 99.9% of them are written by people with a more “liberal” bent than myself. Most had no tribute to any victims, nor made mention of the attacks at all. The ones that did backasswardly mentioned the victims, and how we should remember them, but in a way that slammed our President and this administration. A few mentioned Spike Lee’s Katrina “documentary” as proof our government doesn’t care for us and can’t protect us — as if a Level Four hurricane is the same thing as Islamic fascists flying airplanes into buildings.
    Not that I expected any different, but it pissed me off, so much that I had to step away from the computer before I said something I would have regreted.
    I’m still pissed off today that they JUST. DON’T. GET. IT.

  3. Oh, well sh*t. You shoulda said it.

  4. Nightfly says:

    On with the truth, up with the volume. Bings is right. Win, or be willing slaves. And the silliness of “root causes” and appeasement is in this – only by winning the fight first can we be generous and address “root causes” (if any) later. If the Left really wants a stable, safe Middle East, then they ought to be on board with the war, because 50+ years of dithering has been a spectacular failure. The only way they can safely get their cultured diplomatic coffeeklatch is if we’re negotiating with an opponent who is no longer willing to fight.
    If the Left had even a quarter of the energy and dedication to oppose Islamists as it does to oppose Republicans, they’d be serving kosher in Tehran right now.

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