A New Quagmire! Just In Time For Fall!

Now it’s the fault of those darn Joooos:

The Israeli bombs that slammed into the Lebanese village of Qana yesterday did more than kill three dozen children and a score of adults. They struck at the core of U.S. foreign policy in the region and illustrated in heart-breaking images the enormous risks for Washington in the current Middle East crisis.
With each new scene of carnage in southern Lebanon, outrage in the Arab world and Europe has intensified against Israel and its prime sponsor, raising the prospect of a backlash resulting in a new Middle East quagmire for the United States, according to regional specialists, diplomats and former U.S. officials.

The Arab Street! They’re outraged!
Well, la-dee-frikkin’-da. They attack civilians, rather, they target civilians, and then they hide their brave fighters amongst their own women and children or amongst UN nannies. Which means that some of those folks are going to get killed when the fighters are attacked. Horrible, horrific, sad. But unavoidable if you are going to fight and destroy Hezbollucks.
I’m really somewhat puzzled by this concern about “striking up anti-US resentment” in the region. As if the people in the ME were, prior to 2000, all founding members in good standing of the “We Love America So Much Society.”

“What the conflict has exposed in a really clear way is how linked all these issues in the region are to each other,” said Mara Rudman, a deputy national security adviser in the Clinton White House now at the liberal Center for American Progress. “The worst-case scenario . . . is a much more radicalized Islamic fundamentalist Middle East and much more isolated Israel and a much more isolated United States and fewer people to talk with.”
Haass, the former Bush aide who leads the Council on Foreign Relations, laughed at the president’s public optimism. “An opportunity?” Haass said with an incredulous tone. “Lord, spare me. I don’t laugh a lot. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. If this is an opportunity, what’s Iraq? A once-in-a-lifetime chance?”
In the long run, he and others warn, the situation could cement the perception that the United States is so pro-Israel that a new generation of Arab youth will grow up perceiving Americans as enemies.

What these folks have failed to realize is that ‘talk’ accomplishes nothing here. Nothing, except give the Islamists time to grow and infiltrate, to wear down a little more the spine of the West. They want to rule us. They want to destroy us and our precious way of life.
I was sitting in church yesterday, sort of in the middle of the sanctuary, and I was looking at the backs of all the folks in front of me. As it was rather warm outside a lot of the young ladies were wearing off-the-shoulder tops or tops held up with little straps; nothing tarty, mind you, but just normal summertime clothes. And I thought “These kids would be lambasted (at best) as whores and disgraces to the honor of their families were we under Sharia; hell, a few of these girls might even be killed by their brothers.”
Depressing times.

3 Responses to “A New Quagmire! Just In Time For Fall!”

  1. Heard a short clip on the radio of one Lebanoid going off about the invasion and how horrible Israel is to invade. Yes the Arab street is all up in arms about it.
    Punchline: four of his sons are members of Hezbollah.

  2. Nightfly says:

    Why is the worst-case scenario “nobody to talk with”? When dealing with criminals at home, terrorists abroad, and all manner of savage and misanthrope, why do some reduce right and wrong to whether or not we’ve hurt their feelings? Is this the eighth-grade dance?

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    I wonder if any of these same kids were dressed-up on Hezzbollah-Day as suicide boimbers?

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