A Note to the GOP

I wouldn’t try gambits like this

Breaking news, male prostitution ring being run out of Democratic Congressman’s apartment
In reality, this is not breaking news. It’s old news about Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank. In this Washington Post story, Congessman Frank’s gay lover claims that Frank even knew about the operation.

…to excuse a pedophile and a cover-up that smacks of election year desperation like this.

Rep. Thomas Reynolds, head of the House Republican election effort, said Saturday he told Speaker Dennis Hastert months ago about concerns that a fellow GOP lawmaker had sent inappropriate messages to a teenage boy. Hastert’s office said aides referred the matter to the proper authorities last fall but they were only told the messages were “over-friendly.”
…The House leaders said it is their duty to ensure House pages are safe. They said they are creating a toll-free hot line for pages and their families to call to confidentially report any incidents, and will consider adopting new rules on communications between lawmakers and pages.
The boy who received the e-mails was 16 in the summer of 2005 when he worked in Congress as a page. After the boy returned to his Louisiana home, the congressman e-mailed him. The teenager thought the messages were inappropriate, particularly one in which Foley asked the teen to send a picture of himself.
The teen’s family contacted their congressman, Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., who then discussed the problem with Reynolds sometime this spring.

They don’t even begin to equate.
Whatever you think of prostitution, homosexuality or Barney Frank personally, those are adults. Consenting ADULTS.
Not some sick SOB stalking teenage boys, who have no hope for protection from the leaders of the ‘family/conservative values’ party, because they need his slimy a$$ in his slimy seat. I don’t care when anybody but the Republican leadership knew about this ~ I didn’t elect them. But if Hastert and his fellow dirtballs KNEW even a WEEK before the story broke that this degenerate was playing both sides of the aisle and DID NOTHING? Then they don’t need to be House leaders anymore and should resign their positions as such. They have made a mockery of ‘leadership’ and ‘integrity’.
And conservative bozos who bring up Barney Frank and homosexuals as if that mitigates a CHILD PREDATOR?
Mr. Foley should be very happy that none of those pages had a father (or mother) with protective impulses like major dad, Bingley or I. No one would have shot him but the face in his booking picture would look very different from the one on his campaign posters.

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