A Program Note ~ Kolchak is Back

…ain’t it ain’t half bad. We were all pleasantly surprised by the premiere episode of “The Night Stalker“. Hard to believe they could come close to the quirkiness of the original in this day and age, but they did. It was also beautifully filmed, like they took time with it.

Ever since Fox got too full of themselves, straying from the X-Files, Millenium and Brimstone that made us Fox fans to begin with, TV just hasn’t been as creepy…or as fun. Maybe there’s hope for the ghouls among us.

6 Responses to “A Program Note ~ Kolchak is Back”

  1. Cullen says:

    Agreed. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Alias (which was one of my fav. shows until about halfway through last season) more than I thought I was going to also.

  2. Ken Summers says:

    I never much cared for the show… but the original TV Movie was outstanding.

  3. kcruella says:

    Not a bad show, big fan of the original Liked how they put the original Carl in a newsroom scene.

  4. ‘Digitally inserted’ was the phrase I just read. I saw him and went “oh my God, that’s so clever!” Major Dad said he was dead, so it couldn’t have been. Wellll, he’s very much alive (81 years old) according to his website, so it was indeed a younger Kolchak making a cameo. Clever, clever, clever. What a nice touch.

  5. Cindermutha says:

    I missed it and forgot to record it on the DVR. I’m going off to the corner to pout now.

  6. Don’t forget this Thursday then, CM. That’s one disadvantage of network telly ~ no midweek repeats for most things, like HBO does with their episodes. Gotta wait for the re-runs in February or whenever.

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