A Quick Note From Casa de Major Dad

…nestled on the subtropical(!) Gulfcoast of FLORIDA.

We’d like to take a moment and thank Gore, Gaia, greenhouse gasses, global warming, Greenpeace, earth farts and polar bears for FIVE straight days of cool enough weather to have the airconditioning off during the day and the house wide open. (In June, no less.) The electricity we didn’t use has surely saved another couple hundred pounds of something noxious floating upward into the atmosphere or belching into the Blackwater. (That doesn’t mean the savings will be reflected in increased cause contributions or ticket purchases, however. Dillards has Via Spigas in the mark down bin. Sorry.)
Whatever you guys are doing, for God’s sake, keep it up.
UPDATE: Via Drudge, Tallahassee’s chillin’ set a record. I don’t think we did, but we’re only 5 miles from the Gulf, too.(JOHN)

One Response to “A Quick Note From Casa de Major Dad”

  1. Kcruella says:

    Cool and rainy here. Are the Via Spiga’s I’ve been eying on sale down there too?

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