A Really Hate The Outrageously Over-Used Word “Outrage”

But this story sure as hell deserves it if anything does

When the shooting stopped, two dogs lay dead. A mayor sat in his boxers, hands bound behind his back. His handcuffed mother-in-law was sprawled on the kitchen floor, lying beside the body of one of the family pets that police had killed before her eyes.
After the raid, Prince George’s County police officials who burst into the home of Berwyn Heights’ mayor last week seized the same unopened package of marijuana that an undercover officer had delivered an hour earlier.
What police left behind was a house stained with blood and a trail of questions about their conduct. No other evidence of illegal activity was found, and no one was arrested at Mayor Cheye Calvo’s home in this small bedroom community near College Park.

Read the whole thing. These police SWAT raids, especially the “No-Knock” ones, have got to stop.

6 Responses to “A Really Hate The Outrageously Over-Used Word “Outrage””

  1. WunderKraut says:

    Here’s a question. If you see a bunch of masked men WITHOUT uniforms and carying guns approaching your house, on your propert, why can’t you open fire yourself?
    How the hell am I suppose to know they are cops.
    Also the crap the police said about why they rushed the house because the mother in law screamed. What do you expect her to do? Armed men are rushing the house.
    F-ing idiots.

  2. Creatrix says:

    I saw the wife on TV this moring. She told about a little girl who had asked her “If the police shot YOUR dogs dead, how can *I* ever trust them.”
    This one certainly did more harm than good. I’m not a big fan of pot, but this is such a waste of resources.

  3. The whole thing makes my stomach turn over. What kind of cretin executes a Labrador, for God’s sake, less mind a second one running away?
    As far as shooting someone in the yard, they’d be up shit’s creek if it had been Norf Cacklelackey or here in Florida. I’d hate to see what the Squid Terrorist would have done to their vaunted SWAT members if he saw them coming over the fence. Kraut’s got a great point, too. WTF was the MIL supposed to do? How DARE she scream at the glimpse of an army of armed invaders.

  4. NJ Sue says:

    Heads should roll for this. It was so tremendously stupid. I respect and admire the police, but this is just absurd and cannot be tolerated in a free society.

  5. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Unfortunately, the police forces in the country are evolving towards a paramilitary organization. I want them to have the firepower they need, but the rules of engagement need to be CLEARLY defined and ABSOLUTELY enforced.
    If we can do it in Iraq, we can do it in America.

  6. Teresa says:

    Worse yet, I read today that the scum who “sent” it have been doing this to target certain people who have nothing at all to do with drug selling.
    Geeze – It’s truly disgusting.

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