A Restructuring of Global Proportions

US poised for radical reform of foreign aid programme
The Bush administration is expected to announce on Thursday a controversial restructuring of its foreign aid system under Randall Tobias, a retired pharmaceuticals executive who currently heads the US global Aids programme.
…”In the 21st century, emerging nations like India and China, and Brazil and Egypt, and Indonesia and South Africa are increasingly shaping the course of history,” Ms Rice said.
The US global posture did not reflect these changes, she said, noting that the US had nearly the same number of diplomats in Germany, with a population of 82m, as in India, with 1bn people.

Someone’s not going to be happy. “Whaddayou mean I’ve ‘got to leave the Danube for Darfur/Bonn for Bangalore/Paris for Visakhapatnam’?”

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  1. They’ll love the dosai at the bus station in Madurai!

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