A Snapshot of Our Lives This Past Year

Besides the obvious inference, these are the actual screws we use to attach the 1 by 4’s that frame our plywood shutters to the masonry. They’re called Tapcons (Even come with their own carbide tipped drill bit!). We’ve gotten new ones for each storm so far, but Ebola has just assured me we can re-use the ones from Dennis. One less thing to buy this weekend.

8 Responses to “A Snapshot of Our Lives This Past Year”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    The obvious inference? Surprised you’d have time for that with all the hurricanes.

  2. The Real JeffS says:

    No, Ken! Isn’t it obvious? THS, Major Dad, and (I presume) Ebola are just screwing around before the hurricane hits.

  3. Nightfly says:

    At this point you should just build everything out of Legos. It’s easier and cheaper to replace.

  4. Cullen says:

    What’s odd is how different areas of the world suffer more or less damage because of hurricanes/typhoons.
    When I lived in Okinawa, we got smacked by typhoons pretty often (7 in one summer). I was there for a href=”http://www.kadena.af.mil/weather/images/kirkir.jpg”>Super Typhoon Kirk, the eye was so massive the entire island of Okinawa was inside it for a day. I was living in this apartment building with onionskin paper-like walls right on the beach. There was so little damage there though compared to when a hurricane hits the U.S. I don’t know how they build things differently there, but they’re doing something right.
    Hope everything goes well THS and crew! I’m not looking forward to all the rain either.

  5. Cindermutha says:

    Last year a lot of people around here didn’t bother to even take them down until November 30th. Good luck!

  6. Well ‘hi there, Cullen, in the center!’ Great pic!
    Same thing here Cindermutha. There’ve been a couple families that still have theirs on from Ivan. But a good number put them back up for Dennis and haven’t taken them down. Maybe just the ones off the patio doors. I can’t say as I blame them ~ I am heartily sick of dragging these things in and out. And who in their right mind would have thought we’d have to over and over and over, not in the space of years, but every month!

  7. guinsPen says:

    They’re called Tapcons
    Beer-swilling Rethuglicans?

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