A Study in Grace Gives True Meaning

…to ‘religion of peace’.

‘God’s blessing to everyone’
Back in the pumpkin patch, the midday sun was getting hot. John had work to do. Pumpkins are a cash crop, unlike most of the corn and alfalfa in many of the fields.
John said the community is especially concerned that many of the children who were killed or wounded have young parents in their mid-20’s to mid-30’s. Brothers who escaped had to leave sisters behind with the gunman.
I had heard that some people from the Amish community were perhaps going to meet with Marie Roberts, the gunman’s wife. John assured me that would happen soon, if it hadn’t already.
“They need support, they need help,” he said. “We will send them flowers.” He expressed concern about how difficult it would be for the three Roberts children when they return to school.
Finally he asked me to promise to include this message in my story. “We appreciate the help and support of the police and firefighters and our neighbors. God’s blessing to everyone. God has a reason for this. We don’t know yet and we may not find out in our lives.”

I wish, in the face of such horror, I could claim such tranquility reposed in my soul. It does not now, nor ever has.
I’m the vengeful type.

4 Responses to “A Study in Grace Gives True Meaning”

  1. I’d read the second but my eyes are glazed red from the first.
    WHERE did you FIND those whackos?

  2. Lisa says:

    Read the second, it’ll restore your faith in humanity.
    The first is from a blog I found through someone else, I don’t remember. I read it pretty regularly, even though she’s a flaming lib. She’ll have some great posts about parenting or TV shows or what-have-you, and I’ll be all lulled into thinking, “You know what? I bet in real life she and I would be friends!”
    And then she posts that and I think, “Oh. No. No way.”

  3. Kcruella says:

    I also wish I could be the forgiving type but I am a vengeful sort, but it is in the gene pool. I come from a large family and we usually have a discussion after a few cocktails about which sibling would avenge your death if you were killed.

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