A Test For Obama

A quick perusal of websites doesn’t really give any indication where Obama stands on the current mess in South America? You would think the clear potential for a shooting war between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, with the added potential to engulf much of the continent, might be worthy of mention from someone who is offering “Hope” and “Change” for American Foreign Policy. As Sis linked to below, you’ve got Chavez sending hundreds of millions to a terrorist group, FARC, that has killed thousands in Colombia and was trying, it seems, to assemble materials for a dirty bomb. Chavez and Ecuador have mobilized their armies and have sent troops to the border with Colombia. Where are the words of support for Uribe from Obama (and Hillary)? It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama, instead of calling Chavez the insane dictator that he is, says “Well, if George Bush didn’t have us using so much oil Chavez wouldn’t have all that money.” The sole content of Obama’s foreign policy plan appears to be “if Bush did it it’s wrong.” He wants to sit down at a table and talk to everyone. Now that would make a nice tableaux: Obama, Uribe, Chavez and Correa; hell, why not invite a FARC leader as well, all sitting around a fireplace inspired to sing “Kumbaya” by scout leader Obama.
Perhaps he’ll change our motto to “Peace through superior speeches.”
And scary as hell.

3 Responses to “A Test For Obama”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Well, surrender and pandering are sooooo much easier than standing up for what you believe in, y’know? Obama, with his political glass jaw, just can’t do anything else.

  2. nightfly says:

    In a strange way Jeff, he IS standing up for what he believes in – he believes in pandering.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    In a very strange way, nightfly. A very strange way.

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