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…has his own blog at the ABC site and it often has little gems in it. (Plus he just seems like a really decent guy ~ that helps.) One caught my eye today, unfortunately illustrating the point of my Andrew Young/Ray Nagin rants.

…Right now am working on a World News with Charles Gibson spot about the political football Wal-Mart has become, along with the recent anti-Semitic, anti-Korean, and anti-Arab comments made by civil rights icon Andrew Young. (For which the former UN ambassador has APOLOGIZED, though when I spoke with the man who conducted the interview for the LOS ANGELES SENTINEL — the black newspaper Young made the comments to — he asked me what Young had to apologize for.)

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  1. Jim Bruni says:

    You should focus on the role of Edelman PR in this Young/Walmart fiasco. As a PR consultant, I’m really pissed at the blackeye the industry is getting over these type of tactics. I would love to comment. As for Edelman, try to post a q. on his site See if he censure you. Best, Jim Bruni 212-674-1404

  2. A warm Swill welcome, Jim!
    As for Edelman’s blog, GAG! I could hardly get past his “my best friend, Ned Lamont” posts. But I was fascinated by the Leslie Dach connection and then clicked through one of the commenter’s link on that post. I see I shall have more reading to do. Thanks for another window into things.

  3. Condigga says:

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    Condigga Articles

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