Absolutely NO GIRLY MEN in Short Shorts

need apply.

Iran says no to girly sportsmen
Iran’s hardline Islamic regime has had enough of footballers with long hair and plucked eyebrows.

“I will ban athletes with an effeminate look,” the head of the country’s Physical Education Organisation, Mohammad Ali-Abadi said…

Oh, well, poop. That’s just so wrong.
UPDATE: AND NO GIRLS watching girly men! Ya got that? Are we clear here?

Iranian women barred from soccer games
Supreme leader Ayatollah overrules president’s earlier decision

UPDATE, Part DEUX: The research keeps pouring in. I’m beginning to extrapolate that only girly men play soccer…

Bush says he’s learning fast about World Cup
‘A lot of us grew up without any connection to soccer — me, for example’

Where’s Margaret Meade when you need her?

7 Responses to “Absolutely NO GIRLY MEN in Short Shorts

  1. Nightfly says:

    “That’s just so wrong.”
    You said it, THS – but you posted the picture anyway… Is the Hoff about to go Double Deuce on the rest of the cast?

  2. Dan Collins says:

    Wait a minute. Didn’t the Prophet henna his eyelashes. Y’know, for that special Valentino look? Or was that Edward Said?

  3. Emily says:


  4. I don’t get it! Why is everybody always pickin’ on moi?
    The picture fits, there was no danger, so I posted the shot…

  5. Emily says:

    There is ALWAYS danger when it comes to the Hoffmeister.

  6. The_Real_JeffS says:

    My eyes! MY EYES!!!!!

  7. Not to worry, Jeff. He won’t bother you anymore, I shot him.
    Now if I could just find my dustpan and whisk broom to clean up the glass…

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