Actually, I Read This:

a = sqrt(pir^2) = rsqrt(pi)

As this:

a squirty pirate smiling is the same as a re-squirting pirate

Whom, I suppose, would not be smiling, him being in parenthesis and all things being equal.

Upper math, my a$$. The sh*t’s easy.
An ‘arrgh’ to Instapundit for the brain twister.

4 Responses to “Actually, I Read This:”

  1. Hey sis,
    May I have a large container of coffee?

  2. “pi r square.”
    No, pi r round. Cornbread r square.”

  3. Unless it’s a muffin, duh.
    Don’t EVER go in against a BLONDE if the laws of MATH are on the line!!!

  4. RebeccaH says:

    I love pie.
    Um.. What was the topic again?

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