Afghan “Police” Slaughtered Another American Soldier…On Monday

You didn’t hear about it, did you? I heard this breaking on CNN in the airport in Atlanta while waiting on a flight back to Pensacola. Described it to major dad while watching the Situation Room and thought it would be on World News Tonight…in the paper the next day…something?

Do you know when it made our fishwrap? Today. Thursday. BURIED in one of the last paragraphs as an “oh, by the way” addendum to a story on a blast that killed 21.

…On Monday, three gunmen dressed in Afghan police uniforms killed one American service member and wounded nine others in Kandahar’s Zhari district. Nearly 1,900 U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan since the war began more than a decade ago.

Well, twentyone mostly Afghan dead trumps one poor AMERICAN kid getting killed (and NINE OF HIS FRIENDS WOUNDED) by “allies”, right?

It’s almost like they want to bury these embarrassing incidents the second they happen. How can President Bowrack continue to kiss Karzai’s ass if his nasty little uniformed folks keep killing our kids and we get pissed about it?

Get us out of there. But until we do, do not trust a single one of those misogynist goatherders.

And not a dime nor apology for another hut hit by a missle. I have yet to hear Mr. Rainbow Robe say “I’m sorry” for any of his murderous thugs or offer the family condolences.

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