After You Get Done Reading This Social Commentary

With Timing of Death, Steinbrenner Family Won’t Pay Estate Tax

…cleverly disguised as “reporting”…eh, forget it! Just go straight to the comments ~ they’re GREAT! Like these two, for starters…

So glad the legacy gets to stay in the family for a while!

But shame on the article author for this comment:
“The repeal of the tax is sapping about $55 billion in revenue from the federal government.”

No, it doesn’t “sap” anything… if a successful person pays taxes their whole life, the feds shouldn’t come along and confiscate 45% or even 55% of it when they die!

Let the money stay in private hands, where it can be put to real PRODUCTIVE use.
11:40 AM, 7.14.10

Totally agree with ZUCCHINMAN. Leave it to some NBC reporter to see all the money a person makes and has already paid taxes on as property of the Feds that they somehow get to keep because of a laps in tax law.

If only NY and the Feds had been able to keep the money to help support important work like $140 Million in condom give aways.

12:12 PM, 7.14.10

Would that I could argue.

3 Responses to “After You Get Done Reading This Social Commentary”

  1. JeffS says:

    The MSM of today is but the Soviet-era Pravda reborn anew.

  2. ricki says:

    This whole thing – the fact that the death tax comes back with a wallop next year – disgusts me.

    My dad was joking that if he dies this year, my brother and I would be set for life, but if he keeps on living longer, we’d be outta luck. The fact that someone can even JOKE about that strikes me as a result of governmental sickness.

  3. nightfly says:

    They ought to take that R in IRS and change it to an N. It might help the economy AND the backlog for naturalized citizenship and green cards.

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