Ag Lobby Wins Again

Well, it’s no surprise that the Ag Lobby has defeated efforts to reduce payments to farmers. And we’re not even talking eliminating, but only reducing. Disgraceful. There is no excuse for these huge subsidies to farmers. As the article points out

Johanns has argued that bigger operations collect too big a share of government payments. According to his department, 8 percent of producers receive 78 percent of subsidies.

so the ‘family farmer’ crap doesn’t apply here, folks. These are big Agribusinesses living off of your tax dollars (which are due this week).
And that sucks.
*Update: As Ken points out in the comments, people like Sam Donaldson and Ted Turner are beneficiaries of this, which means that cuts in the Food Stamp Program, which is where the AgSec says he’s going to cut now, will be going directly into Ted Turner’s pockets. Do you think that might rate a mention on CNN? What about if it was going into Cheney’s pockets?

3 Responses to “Ag Lobby Wins Again”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Not just “big agribusiness”, rich celebrities.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Ain’t that nice Ken. So the money getting paid to Sam and Ted is getting cut from the Food Stamp Program. Nice.

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