Again on Parental Responsibility

Remember our ongoing litany? Another former Jarhead who blogs has seen fit to wade into the fray. (Major Dad found him courtesy of FoxNewsdotcom.) See? We’re not the only cranky anti-entitled children grouches out there! Ah. Strength in numbers. Read it and weep.

Two patients I had to deal with today were real works of art.
Although one was male and one was female, they both were 14 years old and each of them weighed more than my 6″1′ large-and-in-charge overweight ass.
Mostly it was the guy who bothered me. In certain cultures, no matter his age, boys are considered superior to girls. Even if a boy is 4 years old and hasn’t quite mastered toilet training yet, without the dad around, he is the master of the house, lording over even his own mother.
What this means is that mom caters to his every desire, and about the time he turns 14, he has been enabled into helplessness. He has been getting along so long on the industry of others that he no longer knows how to do things without them. He ends up turning into a blubbering mass of chewed bubble gum every time someone puts any sort of tasks upon him. Tell him to sit in a chair as opposed to lying in bed, and he starts crying and screaming “I caaaaaaaan’t.”

2 Responses to “Again on Parental Responsibility”

  1. Nightfly says:

    In all seriously, thank you Father in Heaven for my parents. They didn’t cater to me, they raised me. Then they raised my brother and sister. When we marry we will be capable of raising our own, just as we successfully negotiate the adult world.
    Doc Russia has the right title: “Mama, don’t raise your babies” is exactly today’s mantra. In the end they themselves do an equal amount of whining about how hard life is, within earshot of their impressionable young. They shocking result is kids who whine about how hard life is. But the Doc doesn’t mention something important. He says the kids need a swift kick, but omits that if the parents don’t deliver, life will, and it will hurt like hell. Better to be in game shape before they start keeping score…

  2. Oh man…can he come over and smack the punk 17 year old that lives across the street, cause he is a PRIME example of that particular ‘culture’ he speaks of. Gets everything he wants, and mama defends him to the last, acting up as nasty and brutal as her son.
    I was an anthro major and brought up by my parents to be considerate of ALL people, no matter what their origin…but DAYUM, some ‘cultures’ truly do NOT deserve respect. Thats exactly what is living across the street from us, and you’ve no idea how badly I want to go after the mother as well as the son. She is a disgrace to womanhood.

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