Ah, the Smell of It!

“It” being the stench from New Jersey’s politicians.

DID New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez share a secret Hoboken love nest with a former aide with whom he was rumored to be having an affair?

Yeah, yeah, big deal, huh? But this gets downright confusing.

…That same Hoboken address also appeared on a search of Kay LiCausi, Menendez’s former chief of staff with whom staffers to former Gov. James McGreevey claimed he was having a long-term affair.

McGREEVEY?! I thought he was on the down low. And then THIS

Menendez, 52, was found to have helped steer at least $200,000 worth of business to LiCausi after she left his employ to become a lobbyist and political consultant.

…sounds like John Corzine.
I can’t keep them all straight ~ they all sound so much alike. Print the sentence, but leave the name blank and insert as necessary. You could use the same paragraph for years.

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