All Eight Lanes of I-45 Now Heading North

And not a moment too soon. Getting out of Houston is a very, very good idea.

7 Responses to “All Eight Lanes of I-45 Now Heading North”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Looks like my usual commute

  2. Whenever tempted to grouch about ‘traffic’ in Bangla-cola, I snap myself back to reality with a quick ‘on the 405 north at five o’ clock’ memory. Works every time.

  3. Rob says:

    The traffic here has been almost unbearable since Katrina blew through. More people on the road and more roads closed don’t make for good traffic flow.

  4. Hey ya, Rob!! How’ve you been (besides cranky about the traffic…{8^P)? It was the same here with us after Ivan ~ maddening! The I-10 bridge was out, as was the 90 bridge over the same bay, as was the Bayfront Parkway, so ALL that interstate traffic got routed through teeny downtown Bangla-cola. Toss in the construction trucks and supply convoys AND the port’s increased offloading and we were all ready to move. Far, far away. I hate to be a poopie head, but it took months and months…and months.

  5. Rob says:

    If we could just get a break from the hurricane season, I think the crews would get out of here in a few weeks. It’s hard to complain about it, though. They’re here to help us. Pike Electric from Mt Airy, NC sent an impressive fleet here. Their trucks are everywhere. The fleet from Dade City is impressive, too.

  6. I know how WE felt when the first crews came through our neighborhood and they were from Texas! Got treated like rockstars, I can tell you that.

  7. Rob says:

    They ARE rock stars, ths.

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