All Hail The Lightbringer

My, Liberals sure do love themselves some dictatorships, don’t they?

“Somebody keeps on yelling, ‘executive order,'” Obama said. “I’m going to actually pause on this issue because a lot of people have been saying this lately on every problem, which is just, ‘Sign an executive order and we can pretty much do anything and basically nullify Congress.'” When people started applauding, Obama said, “Wait, wait, wait. Before everybody starts clapping, that’s not how it works. We’ve got this Constitution, we’ve got this whole thing about separation of powers. So there is no short-cut to politics, and there’s no short-cut to democracy. We have to win on the merits of the argument with the American people, as laborious as it seems sometimes…What we have to do is keep on going, keep on pushing, and eventually we move in a better direction.”

Liberal Facism: dissent is cherished, so long as you agree with them, natch.

That pesky old Dead White Slave Holder Constitution, that Charter of Negative Liberties that so unreasonably restrains the Enlightened One from Doing Our Work.

For Us, my Brothers.

2 Responses to “All Hail The Lightbringer”

  1. JeffS says:

    Of course, us unenlightened, unwashed proles are to enter full fledged and open slavery serenely and without hesitation. All because our “enlightened betters” said this is the way to go.

    Said “betters” can kiss my old, hairy white, gun clinging, Constitution serving butt.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    I wonder which one of Obama’s lackies was yelling “executive order”?

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