All You WHINERS About the Incandescents That Almost Vamoosed?

Yahoo!’s little blogger says STFU ~ Everything Hunky Dory Better, in an article before the ban was delayed.

The Truth About the New Light Bulb Law

2 Responses to “All You WHINERS About the Incandescents That Almost Vamoosed?”

  1. JeffS says:

    This reads like some articles published back when cutting gasoline with alcohol was a new idea. Or how hybrid cars were going to be more economical.

    And I appreciate the points on how the new bulbs are not the same as the old bulbs, with hints on what to look for.

    But every time someone trots out a “new and improved” or “more efficient” design, the engineer in me asks “How much testing was actually done during the product development?” There’s always problems in the initial production of any new design. Always.

    So…..color me skeptical. Very skeptical.

  2. Greg Newson says:

    Take them to Home Depot to recycle? You’re going spent 30 dollars while there on crap you’ll never use,and spent 8 dollars in gas travelling there.

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