Almost There…

Maybe even finished today, woo hoo! I was laughing while telling Crusader last night about another way Ivan has changed Bangla-cola. It used to be a bride being asked about her ‘theme‘ or a new home-owner, her interior ‘colors‘. Polite conversation here now centers around, “Have you picked your roof colors yet?” And yes, those ARE boarded windows you see and they ARE staying up.
‘Til at least Christmas.

I have and I’m pretty pleased. The architectural shingles (close-up in extended section), for those of you who’ve never seen them, mimic shakes and look pretty damn snazzy. They also have the distinct advantage of being stronger because they are 2-3 layers per sheet, as opposed to your typical flat shingle. Howling winds have to pick up twice as much to get flapping.
What a lovely feature that is.

The Squid Terrorist’s report upon his return from Biloxi contained the heartening news that, in the midst of all that destruction, brick homes, hip roofs and architectural shingles held up beautifully. Both of us have all three.

2 Responses to “Almost There…”

  1. Crusader says:


  2. Nightfly says:

    May the roof above ye never fall in,
    And the friends below, never fall out…

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