Am I Allowed To Question Her Patriotism Now?

Probably not, of course:

“A lot of pandering started going on, and you’d see soldiers and the American flag in every video. It became a sickening display of ultra-patriotism.”
“The entire country may disagree with me, but I don’t understand the necessity for patriotism,” Maines resumes, through gritted teeth. “Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but as for loving the whole country… I don’t see why people care about patriotism.”

And soon you won’t see why people don’t care about you or your music, sweet pea, especially when you can’t help but evoke the “M” Factor:

“It was the bullying and the scare factor,” shudders banjo and guitar player Robison. “It was like the McCarthy days, and it was almost like the country was unrecognisable.”
The level of debate can be gauged from the way Maines was compared to “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, who was photographed manning a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun at the height of the Vietnam war.

Yes, it always comes back to McCarthy and Vietnam, that one-two combination of leftist martyrdom. Oh, I am called to task for a stupid comment! I’m being repressed! McCarthy! How dare people not buy my music because they think I’m an ass…

62 Responses to “Am I Allowed To Question Her Patriotism Now?”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    The Chicks have traditionally been branded a country band, but clearly it’s some time since their diet consisted of ribs, tacos and pancakes.
    See!??!!? The Dixie Chicks have risen above their redneck roots! They now “…project a polished Fifth Avenue elegance“. It sez so right there!
    The only pandering that I see are three snobs selling records. That they seem to be succeeding speaks poorly of their fan base.

  2. Jim P says:

    Can anyone out there explain how these women come from Texas? Are their families Northeast liberal transplants or something? The Chicks should feel lucky that Ann Coulter hasn’t singled them out…. yet. They, it seems to me, used Country Music to get their start so they could then move on to the genre to which they now are trying to appeal. They also come across to me as not very intelligent.

  3. kt says:

    I am not sure about this, but is it true that Natalie (lead singer) is married to an Iranian. Can anyone check this?

  4. rplat says:

    With any luck that slime bag Maines will move permanently to England or Greenland, or Ethopia, or any other place where we will we never again hear her name or her music.

  5. Spike72AFA says:

    I have seen the Chicks twice in concert. They are great musicians an put on a great show. HOWEVER, they are like many other performers who believe that talent in one area gives automatic validity in another (see: Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Ted Turner). They forgot that when they became a breakout hit several year ago, it was not just because they could play. It was the whole package. You were listening to great music played by the cutest and coolest girls in class. That was the package that their record label SOLD us. The Chicks bought into it because it helped them get to where they wanted – recognition and love of the fans.
    Now that they are an established act, they feel that 1) WE can say whatever comes into our pointed heads and should be listened to because…WE are IMPORTANT; and 2) they shouldn’t be criticized for saying something that offends the people who buy the tickets and records.
    What they clearly don’t understand is that many of us can love their music but we won’t put money in their pockets when they show us they don’t like us or what we hold dear.
    Try this explanation out. For the males out there, you probably know what I’m talking about. In my distant past, I had a crush on a really cute girl in school. I never actually talked to her, but she was pretty and had a great smile, so she was my dream girl. I fantasized (this was long ago after all) about going to parties with her and having romantic walks in the moonlight. Then one day, I actually had a chance to talk to her. I discovered, that in spite of her obvious genetic gifts, she was unable to keep two thoughts in her head without one of them tripping over the other. I realized that, although she was pleasant to look at, life was too short to waste any of it trying to talk to a moron. The Dixie Chicks are exactly that girl. Great from afar, but once you get to know them, you say “why bother?”

  6. Larry Ward says:

    The Chicks are a disgusting example of exactly what is wrong in this country. The fact that they do seem to be successful shows that they are the symptomolgy of a deep, underlying illness. When G.W. started this assault on our our enemies I was fearful that this nation would not have the “heart” for it. Fortunately, our “Commander in Chief” does!

  7. cjh says:

    She doesn’t see why people are patriotic? No kidding. People like her will never get it.
    Fortunately for us, there are more people who do get it than who don’t.

  8. Jim P says:

    Thanks ‘rplat’. You summed it up nicely. They are stuck in perpetual adolescence, ever concerned about being ‘cool’, looking ‘cool’, and hanging out with the ‘cool’ people.
    Still interested in their family backgrounds if anyone has any info.

  9. Jim P says:

    Woops. I should have thanked ‘Spike72AFA’. Sorry.

  10. Texan says:

    Bein’ a Texan, I must say that I’m ashamed that the Chicksy Dicks, are from Texas. They’re NOT a part of the Texas I know. They’re the part of Texas that loves fags and babykillers… know, the ann richards, lloyd bentsen part of Texas. fukum!

  11. TKeith says:

    Dixie Chicks: “We hate the people who like our music. Buy our CDs anyway.”

  12. xanthrope says:

    From Wikipedia:

    Patriotism denotes positive attitudes by individuals to their own perceived civic or political community, to its culture, its members, and to its interests.

    Sounds sort of like being a ‘fan’ to me.

    A fan of your country, community, culture = BAD

    Fan of Dixie Chicks = GOOD

    Malignant Narcisissum and profound stupidity = Natile Maines

  13. MathMom says:

    Natalie Maines is married to Adrian Pasdar. See bio on Wikipedia.

  14. Rebecca says:

    “Can anyone out there explain how these women come from Texas? Are their families Northeast liberal transplants or something?”
    Okay now, no need to insult us up here in the Northeast!! I might not have been born in Connecticut, but I have lived here for 17 years and am not even close to being a liberal. Neither is my husband who has lived here most of his life.More realistic, is the Chicks were liberal transplants from CA.

  15. Jackson says:

    I’ve never liked the Dixie Chicks music. They sound like fingernails scrapping down a chalkboard. It hurts my ears. And I was so afraid that when they released this new album, everyone would have forgiven them for what they said before and there they’d be, wailing away on the radio again.
    But thank goodness they haven’t recovered from what now appears to be a chronic case of mouth diarrhea. I am so happy that they have continued their bizarre attacks on country music and its fans because it means no one’s playing their new songs on the country radio stations or airing their videos on CMT.
    So you go girls, keep it up. You have the thanks of my grateful ears.

  16. Jim P says:

    Rebecca, no offense was intended toward Northeasterners who are not liberals. Sorry for the confusion. Jim P

  17. Lisa Arata says:

    She Embarrassed Me in front of the whole world. I lost respect. You don’t complain about our president to those who hate him, because it makes you one of them, not one of us.

  18. tg says:

    OK – I’m not a fan of the DCs and I am not a fan of George Bush, but I agree that the DC sound like a bunch of bimbos . . . I don’t like when performers try to make political statements, especially in such a gratuitously silly way.
    But then again if this asshole (quoted below) shows what Texas is all about I would be embarrassed to be from there too. I mean really, I would definitely say that the Dixies Chicks are preferrable to some backwater douchebag with his head up his ass.
    Does being patriotic or from Texas mean you have to be a bigoted, intolerant, homophobic hick? I hope not . . .
    “Bein’ a Texan, I must say that I’m ashamed that the Chicksy Dicks, are from Texas. They’re NOT a part of the Texas I know. They’re the part of Texas that loves fags and babykillers… know, the ann richards, lloyd bentsen part of Texas. fukum!”

  19. Lisa Haines says:

    Didn’t they also say something like, We don’t want fans that have cd’s of Toby Keith and Reba MacIntyre? They are obnoxiously arrogant for three girls who in the not very distant past were singing on street corners for coins. I do like some of their tunes, just not with THEM doing the “singing”. Natalie has a barely passable voice, and the other two sound like Theodore and Simon backing up Alvin. By the way, I thought that BEFORE they ever opened their big mouths politically.

  20. fngJD says:

    The sisters are originally from Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and the mouthpiece is from Lubbock, Texas.
    Their diet never consisted of ribs and tacos, since the sisters are vegetarians. I’m sure they played country music because they had moved to Dallas and that was their biggest audience. It’s a matter of demographics and marketing. Justin Timberlake sang country as a kid, because it was marketable. These people are all pre-packaged and marketed using focus data and demographics charts.
    Who cares what these spoiled brats say anyway? What is it about celebrities that make them think we care what they say beyond their acting/singing? I’ll tell you, it’s a ‘star struck’ country that spends too much time reading tabloids and watching Entertainment Tonight.

  21. Mr. Bingley says:

    Does being patriotic or from Texas mean you have to be a bigoted, intolerant, homophobic hick? I hope not . . .
    I certainly hope not, either. That sort of talk is is just as sick as hers.

  22. Mr. Thought says:

    I’m curious: does she actually know enough history to discuss McCarthyism, or did an educated publicist give her that phrase on a list of talking points?

  23. Ritchard Skrongpal says:

    I’m a musician of 25 years and they
    sing OK but they’re just average players.
    It’s a shame that the people that disgust
    them are fighting and giving their lives
    so they can enjoy their completey unhinged
    existence.They’ll never understand until
    a bomb lands on their heads.

  24. Doug Loss says:

    No, don’t question her patriotism. To question something is to tacitly accept the possibility of its existence. Deny her patriotism.

  25. Deny her patriotism.
    Can I add her ‘intelligence’ to that, too?

  26. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s a shame that the people that disgust
    them are fighting and giving their lives
    so they can enjoy their completey unhinged


  27. cate s. says:

    I saw the Twits open for Tim McGraw about 7 years ago and they did put on a great show. I bought their first three CD’s but then last year I couldn’t give them away at a garage sale (I live here in the People’s Republic of Hawaii & I thought for sure there would be some anti-war dote who would pay 25 cents for the set of 3-especially since there were a few who commented on my blue star flag in my front window).
    I wouldn’t see them again if THEY paid me. I really don’t understand why these celebs think that we give a rats behind about their political views and what makes them such geopolitical wonders. Have they ever known anyone in the military? I doubt it.
    If I had the chance though I would like to ask them how the 6th grade is working out for them this year. It’s obvious as others have said that’s where their intelligence levels are. Who says “cool people” outside of middle school?

  28. Christy says:

    I looked at iTunes and it seems to me that “Not Ready to Make Nice” is being downloaded a lot, but the other songs on the album not so much. Is anyone surprised that a song which is basically a big ole FU to the President is popular among a certain segment of society? They don’t, however, seem to go for the rest of the Dixie Chicks oeuvre.

  29. Tim O. says:

    No Proud Patriotic American **thinks** Natalie Maines is an ass, ***WE KNOW SHE IS!***
    That pounding sound you’re hearing is the LAST nail in the Dixie Chicks career coffin being pounded in by all of us Flag Waving Americans.
    And as far as asses go, YOU CAN SMOOCH MY LILLY WHITE ASS, NATALIE.

  30. gringoman says:

    “Not Ready to Make Nice”? She means it for a U.S. leader. Any sign that this successful narcissist is untypically bold and brave enough to mean it for others too—like those who won’t let her sound off burqa-free? As in
    “Zarqawi 1967-2006”
    Illustrated by gringoVision.

  31. Mike says:

    Natalie Maines and the other two nameless idiots should really stop embarrassing themselves. I would love to know what their credentials are relative to foreign policy, history, etc. They are taking this “left-wing” liberal attitude because someone from Hollywood told the 3 bimbos it was the right thing for entertainers to do. You can just hear Maines “cracking her gum” as she spit out her opinion on Patriotism. If Maines and crew and so sickened by American Soldiers and American Flags, perhaps a command performance for the Taliban State Fair, or the Tehran Summer Fest is in order.

  32. Lone Ranger says:

    It can only be that there’s some sort of toxic, brainwasting substance in blond hair dye. To paraphrase another notorious Texan, they can’t hep it, they were born with a silver foot in their mouth.

  33. Chuck says:

    Maines talked about pandering. If anyone was pandering it was her pandering to all those limeys when she let her alligator mouth overload her humming bird ass. Typical liberal.

  34. Lone Ranger says:

    OK, I did not post the above message. I posted the previous one.

  35. Paul says:

    I think it was Carlene Carter in the early 80’s who made the statement that her and her fellow female singers needed to put c$%t back in country.
    I will have to give the Dickly Chunks a standing ovation for responding to Carter’s request and doing this to perfection.

  36. John says:

    They are childish,fatuous, ignorant girls who have no sense of history or appreciation for those who have kept us free. We will have to keep them (the DC) free just because that is what we believe in…not that they deserve it.
    It’s one thing to proclaim patriotism and disagree with our leaders. These silly girls, however, don’t even value what they have as American citizens.

  37. Mike says:

    Just as I thought. I checked Maines’ bio on Wikipedia and found the following. She is married to guy of Iranian descent and she has merely a high school education, graduating from Lubbock Sr. High. She should be kissing the soil of the USA! Where else could someone with such a lack of education make that much money!

  38. Jack Hamilton says:

    I am not foolish enough to think that Natlie Maines will ever see this but It would appear that something was left out of her education.Why decent people care about patriotism? You see Natalie the great oppertunity you have to pursue your career and create your music was made possible through patriotic men and women that sacrificed more than you will ever understand.You see you would not be making all this money that allows you to move on from taco’s and rib’s and pancakes.Had not American men fought and died to keep this country free you would never have been afforded these great perks and the life you have.You very well could have been living in a country like Mexico where you would never have gotton the exposure If bot for those sould that parished at the Alamo or Sam Houston. Everytime you slide into that limo or take to the stage and yes when you even stick that fork in your mouth you are doing it off of the blood of some unsophisticated soldier or marine, sailor and airman. But I doubt you will ever understand that. I also expect by the time you are finished Jane Fonda’s reputation will look respectable compared to yours.
    Jack Hamilton
    Maryville Tn. 37804

  39. Elaine says:

    Natalie’s questioning seems very sincere to me. She really doesn’t understand why anyone should be patriotic. To me her ignorance is simply indicative of the product that the American school system churns out. Unfortunately that product is going to get worse before it gets better.
    But it’s been a while since she’s been in school. So no more excuses. Natalie needs to pick up a few books and read some history. Of course there is a reason to be patriotic. She simply does not yet understand and generations of soldiers resting quietly in their graves cannot themselves explain it to her.

  40. Dave says:

    Thank goodness for the Dixie Chicks! Another example of the left igniting and uniting the majority right for this Fall’s elections. I hope they and all their other friends keep on making outrageous statements like this. Like 2000 and 2004, all we have to do is sit back and watch them self-destruct again. (But let’s keep it our secret).

  41. Mike says:

    You know what kills me the most…performers think we really care what they have to say one way or another. When I buy a ticket, I buy it to listen to their music or see them act. I am well aware of those artists that have a political agenda, if I want to hear that….I’ll buy a ticket. The Dixie chicks made a statement that pandered to their audience. At least they could be upright enough to understand their mistake and move on. I believe more people would have been open to a slip of a tongue rather than a defensive rant about freedom of speech. Stick to what you know (music) and fire your publicist!

  42. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yeah, that’s very true Mike.
    I’d like to thank all of you mostly new folks to the Swilling for your comments and the spittle-free way in which you’ve delivered them; it’s nice to see mature commentary on fire-brand issues, and I hope y’all come back some more.

  43. tigger2005 says:

    Jim Pat from Texas:
    I don’t like Natalie Maines, but I don’t hate “fags.” I don’t think being patriotic necessarily entails hating “fags.”
    Fred Phelps hates both “fags” AND the country that tolerates them.

  44. Lisa Haines says:

    Elaine, that is just what I was thinking. She is a product of what passes for History class in our schools. Then again, as you said. She isn’t a kid any more. She needs to learn about her Country. Fat chance, or should I say skinny chance for her now? She lost a ton didn’t she?

  45. Frantic Freddie says:

    [i]I think it was Carlene Carter in the early 80’s who made the statement that her and her fellow female singers needed to put c$%t back in country.
    Nope,that was Roseann Cash,Johnny’s daughter.

  46. Phil McCracken says:

    We should expect to see the chicks in Canada next. Alongside Cindy Sheehan who’s there to support the military deserters from this war. The media doesn’t call it deserting or dodging anymore…they call everyone AWOL “war resister” now. It’s a nice way to build up their image.
    Hey Mike from Maryville, I’m coming down there from Chicago next Saturday. I’m picking up a bike from Smokey Mountain Harley. Tennessee is a great part of the country!

  47. Phil McCraken says:

    Sorry, I meant Jack from Maryville.

  48. Dan Collins says:

    You know what they say, Bing and THS: “‘There is no “r” in Maines.'”

  49. Sara says:

    Just so you know…we’re embarrassed that Natalie Maines is from Lubbock! I’m from Lubbock too. I know people who went to high school with her and they say that she never was very smart. I guess it shows in the inane comments that she made in that Telegraph article.

  50. Al says:

    It’s obvious these 3 are washed up and their PR dept. is trying to milk publicity and recoup their losses by having them say stupid and insulting things to get them air time. It’s not only bashing the Prez, but to say snide things about fellow performers – I don’t get the ploy. Why would the record industry want to reward such trash? I know the fans don’t and that’s why nobody seems to be buying their product anymore. They were fun at first, but as soon as their nasty side started showing it was obvious their music is mediocre and not worth the trouble.

  51. Emily says:

    I’m not a fan of Toby Keith’s brand of hyper-patriotism either, but if this dumb broad can’t recognize what a great country she lives in where someone as stupid as her can become filthy rich, then she’s even more clueless than I had previously assumed.
    Keep milking it, ladies. Heaven forbid you sell albums on the basis of talent and quality.

  52. Tim says:

    I don’t recall ever hearing a Dixie Chicks song, so I can’t say if they are any good or not. Their stupid remarks, however, have ensured that I will never buy any of their product.
    They will become the Jane Fonda’s of the 00’s. Anyone remember the “Boycott Jane Fonda, American Traitor B*tch” bumper stickers from the 70’s? How about an updated one for the Dixie Chicks?

  53. My Absolute Last Word On the Dixie Twits

    Ken linked to Caltechgirl’s rant about the latest Dixie Twit remarks (I told you they were going to milk this for as long as they could). Swiller Mr. B. also commented on Natalie Maines’ intellectually-challenged verbal diahrea, linking to this…

  54. voice of reason says:

    You guys really need to calm down. The new Dixie Chicks album is their best yet. I mean I don’t agree with everything Toby Keith says but I still love his music and will buy his album. As this comment about patriotism, I don’t know exactly what she meant but whether you are for or against the war, Democrat/Republican/or Indy, I am sure we are all for this country. We may disagree on how to do something but we all would like the same end result. I mean we all know those people who have a “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker on their gas guzzlin SUV (HELLO MUCH OIL MONEY GOES TO STATES HOSTILE TO US) that doesn’t make you a patriot anymore than some person who has a “SAVE THE PLANET” sticker on a piece of crap car that puts out a ton of emmissions. To conclude, I could say I am skinny all day but until I engage in losing weight it just isn’t so.

  55. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hi voice! I’m glad you like their music, but you’re quite wrong that “I am sure we are all for this country.” Read again what she said:
    “Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but as for loving the whole country… I don’t see why people care about patriotism.”
    I’m not sure we all want the same end result. People of her ilk seem to want to go back to the 90s where we were blissfully unaware of the evil that was simmering about the world; when all we had to worry about were the intern choices of the President. Those days of wine and kneepads are gone, forever. We live in a world where there are evil, yes evil, forces that want to destroy our freedom and way of life. It’s not fun to contemplate that, but it’s true. And no amount of wishful thinking or self-doubt soulsearching will change that or make it go away. So what do we do? We can fight back, or we can surrender. Those are our choices; there is no other way.

  56. Ditto everything my brother said.

  57. Greg says:

    I love the Chicks! They are an amazing group with amazing musicianship and Natalie Maines has, undeniably, one of the most distinct and versatile voices in popular music today. The fact that people delighted in trying to ruin their careers, going so far as bombarding radio stations demaning they not be played and actually stomping on cds (Hello, Nazi Germany!) over one little statement about the President, I think, earns them the bitterness they’re still feeling and may always feel. How would you feel if someone tried to ruin your career because you didn’t like the President. All the apologists for those kinds of people, and the people who indulge in it are scary!!!

  58. It’s not so much what she said as how she said it. Debate is healthy and is a very good thing for our country but it is hard for me to except the arrogant, self centered, egotistical rants of an ex-rock & roll singer who started singing country (not because of the music) but strictly for the bucks. Seems a little dishonest to me. Her intellectual level may very well be on par with Paris & Nicole. That’s hot!

  59. Lisa Haines says:

    Hey Greg, “How would you feel if someone tried to ruin your career because you didn’t like the President?” Four words for you, “Shut Up And Sing!”

  60. Tim Shockey says:

    First off, it’s not like Nazi Germany. Yes, people there burned books but it was at the urging of the government by propoganda. Here, it was/is being done by people of their own volition, zero interference by government. Big difference.
    Secondly, “A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.” by George William Curtis.
    Natalie must not have any principle.

  61. First, a Warm Swill Welcome to all our guests! (Secondly, just a note to Tim ~ Greg wrote that, I’m afraid. I’ve been remarkably self contained through will power and the fact that you all are saying most eveything I would have.)

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