Amazing How Threats Come Into Play

…right after the race card.

Huffman said she had “heard through the vine” that warring Crips and Bloods gangs have offered a permanent truce if it would save Williams.
The flip side of that, if we don’t save Stanley, is fearful,” Huffman said.

Oh, you’re a big help making his case, Ms. Huffman. STFU, already.

3 Responses to “Amazing How Threats Come Into Play”

  1. Emily says:

    Right, and we all know gang bangers, when not shooting people, smoking and selling drugs, stealing from old ladies and terrorizing entire neighborhoods, can be perfectly relied on to keep their word.
    I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Cross their hearts, hope to die!

  3. Ken Summers says:

    I hope they do too, sis

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