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Twenty some odd pages of some of the most twisted, impossibly clever one paragraph treasures I’ve ever read.

Tom Cruise (Overcoming Adversity) by Phelan Powell~
Pig-ignorance no bar to fame and fortune, February 11, 2002
The public only see the glamour – but Phelan Powell shows the significant obstacles Tom Cruise has overcome in order to live his life of pampered opulence. In Cruise’s case dyslexia was the obstacle – it nearly cost him the part of the barman in “Cocktail” (he thought it was a film about cockatiels and told his agent he “didn’t do parrots”) and he bought his own wildebeeste to research the part of Lt Maverick Mitchell in “Top Gnu”.

Swill Salute: to Will Collier at VodkaPundit.

4 Responses to “Amazon Book Reviews”

  1. red says:

    I guffawed out loud when I read this:
    “An excellent guide which is helping me get to know my pug Grendel, which is not an easy job. My children have taken to attaching surprisingly realistic stick-on ears to his rump and he turned around and bit me recently when I tried to put a piece of cheese rind into what I thought was his mouth.”
    I am still laughing.
    “my pug Grundel”

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hahaha, that was hilarious!

  3. Red, he seems to make it a point to review every Pug book ever written. He got better as the pages passed and how he keeps it so droll, I have no idea.
    (AND every sex manual, so ‘Marjorie’ can get her act together, bwahahaha!)

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