American, BA To Merge?

And base all of their MD-80 flights out of Terminal 5 at Heathrow to “more efficiently disrupt the passengers’ plans” the CEOs said in a joint statement issued today. “We’re very excited by this confluence potential of our experience and demonstrated skill sets; we’ve coined the term ‘Screwnergy’ which we think best describes what our valued clients can expect from our combined efforts in the future.”
Gosh, can’t wait.

One Response to “American, BA To Merge?”

  1. Skyler says:

    There’s something very screwy about all this. Many of the people here have worked in aviation maintenance, as have I. Directives to inspect aircraft occur all the time. The FAA usually takes into account the impact of the inspections and only in extremely critical situations do they ground entire fleets like this.
    Yet on the news, they keep saying that this is more an administrative compliance issue than a safety issue. So what’s going on? Why are the nation’s travelers being treated so shabbily for a minor safety issue?
    Something smells bad.

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