An Important Essay From Ace

With all the sensationalism surrounding Weiner and the private messages to the 17 year old, it’s important to keep focused on the skeevy inappropriateness that went on because that’s bad enough.

But some investigations come up dry. Sure, I would have been happy — in a “aren’t I so smart?” way — if the evidence did demonstrate the maximum offense conceivable.

But it was always the case that the “manslaughter” charge was more likely. And I think by focusing on the unlikely charge, and wishing it to be true, that tends to diminish the other one.

Like, right now, Weiner’s sort of in a relatively good position if he can say “Well at least I didn’t sext a minor.”

Then that makes what he did do — which is incredibly, expulsion-level inappropriate — seem like it’s no big deal.

But it is.

Read the whole thing.

It’s vital to keep the focus on what happened and not what our lurid imaginations wished might have happened.

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