An Inconvenient Observation

This is your ocean:

This is your ocean on Al Gore:

Any questions?

3 Responses to “An Inconvenient Observation”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Al Gore was on the Oscars tonight… The Oscars are now “green.” Intelligent environmental engineering involved in every aspect of the telecast, etc. etc. zzzzs noqeotgfv3[rvq0
    Sorry, head went down onto the keyboard there. Where was I? Oh, yeah – green Oscars. Leo DiCaprio was up there with him and didn’t have the balls to follow up with “This means that the only harmful emissions come from the presenters.” He did, however, have a lame prepared gag where he kept urging Al to announce he was running for president, only the music cut him off before he could say it.
    I also seem to remember that he was announced as Vice-President Al Gore, which must have startled Dick Cheney.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yet they all arrived one to a limo.
    Thanks Hollyweird, for putting your hypocrisy right out where we can see it!

  3. Emily says:

    Sacrifices to save the environment are only to be made by the little people.

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