An Open Letter to Pope Benedict

Dear Holy Father ~
Tell them to piss off. Anyone who could read understands what you were saying and the jihadists fanning the current flames prove your point. The shrieking blind sheep of the Muslim street prove your point.
Apologize to no one. If they can’t see their faces in the mirror for fear or ignorance, they are lost to reason. If there isn’t one civilized, sane voice that can rise above the morass of Islamic indignation, ignorance and hysteria, they are lost to humankind.
And that is their eternal loss.
If we bow to them…it is ours.

Another strong voice falls silent and more on Benedict.

7 Responses to “An Open Letter to Pope Benedict”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Hey, I have a Swiss K-31, can I join up with the Swiss Guards and shoot idjihodts…err…Protect the Holy Father Popester? I’m too old (48) for the Army.

  2. Jefferson Ross says:

    I will be interested to see how the Islamists handle this latest affront to their so called religion of “peace”. They must be so insecure that any comment about their Ideology sends them further round the bend. Well done Pope Benedict keep shining the light on these cockroaches and watch them scurry.

  3. W. Whatley Holland says:

    Muslims are afraid of being chased out of the 14th century because they know that their religion won’t survive in the present century.

  4. Gunslinger says:

    …actually Jefferson Ross,

    Muslims are running a hustle. They try to claim victimhood every chance they get because it works so well in “western countries”, no thanks to the PC crowd. They openly throw tantrums in areas where they can intimidate the locals and get away from true retaliation. They throw themselves into mindless global conflicts (and are summarily slaughtered) to give the illusion of greater muster capacity. They wildly exaggerate their strength because a cornered dog barks the loudest.

    Yet, the rags keep on because the traitors in the west keep giving them hope by aiding with their endless flow of tripe…
    …grab a sickness bucket

  5. RebeccaH says:

    Exactly, sister.

  6. Mark says:

    They don’t prove the Pope’s point because this wasn’t even the point the Pope was making — they didn’t even understand what he was talking about, probably not having read the whole talk in context. The real irony here is that they’re proving their own barbarity in response to someone who wasn’t even asserting it.
    That 14th century emperor’s question, quoted but not endorsed by the Pope, was really a pretty good one. Just what good and original thing DID Mohammed (devils eviscerate him) bring to the world?

  7. The Islamofascists threaten both Pope Benedict and

    Two more cases of jihadists threatening free speech and countries have come up this week. First, there is the Islamic world’s violent (surprise surprise) reaction to Pope Benedict’s very courageous criticism of Islam. There’s more about the case here…

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