And a Fine Wearin’ O’ the Green Day T’ Y’s All!

(If you all haven’t seen the RESTORED version of this, let me tell you ~ it’s a revelation. GLORIOUS.)

4 Responses to “And a Fine Wearin’ O’ the Green Day T’ Y’s All!”

  1. BlackDog says:

    The best film himself ever made. Of course he had HERSELF to help him.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Well, I’m not sayin’ it’s true and I’m not sayin’ it’s not. But THERE’S BEEN TALK!

  3. gregor says:

    “Impetuous…! Homeric!”

  4. I never fail to be impressed at the appalling lack of knowledge about the true state of affairs, both political and economical, as well as the views of plain simple security, in both the Republic of Ireland, and its neighbour the Province of Northern Ireland, which is of course part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Yes, it was a good film, and John Wayne’s acting abilities were unstressed by his part, but the bland and rose-tinted script and film gave little away about the true state of affairs in ‘Ould Ireland’. The ‘quaint’ manners, the exaggerated accents, the acceptance of a male-dominated society, the ‘old traditions’; they were all, to put it fairly bluntly, b***/hit.

    The fact that America, and Americans supported the murderous ambitions of the IRA with hard cash, until that is, America had its eyes wide opened by the same type of terrorist who flew three jets into the WTC and and spread a fourth over the green fields of Pennysylvania, is quietly forgotten, or pushed into the shades of history.

    The fact that the very godfathers of IRA/SinnFein now sit alongside the dupes of the DUP in the Stormont Administration, whilst the likes of a Prison Officer dies after his car is bombed by ‘IRA dissidents’, does not feature very highly in the news from ‘The Ould Country’. Perhaps the only bit of recent good news about Irish politics was when Obama shut his White House door
    in Gerry Adam’s face.

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