And Are We On a Homo Hunt Here?

No sooner does openly gay REPUBLICAN Rep. Kolbe offer his official version of what prompted him to alert the Clerk of the page program, then this little number appears on MSNBC:

Rep. Kolbe visited Grand Canyon with pages
Park Service workers accompanied group during 1996 trip
Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.) took two male pages with him on a three-day camping trip in 1996, former congressional pages and National Park Service officials tell NBC News. The pages, who were 17 at the time, went rafting and camping with Kolbe in the Grand Canyon over the July 4th holiday that year.

So, I guess no pages have ever gone anywhere with anyone else ~ gay OR straight ~ EVER? I mean, what’s the point of the story if not to stick it to Kolbe ~ sprinkle some suspicion on him? Especially if they went as “part of a larger group” as the piece mentions later on?
If they weren’t sharing his tent and canteen sippy straw, is there any reason to print this other than innuendo? (Which could be an unfortunate word choice, granted…)
I don’t see anything yet from the Kossites, but they’re not the only rotten eggs devil’s flying monkeys ~ just the loudest.

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