And For the Record

…the final “Prime Suspect” was a cheap git.
Helen Mirren is still as mesmerizing as the first time ever we saw her, but that was the extent of “riveting” viewing. I had a horrible feeling when the first part played last week and involved an appealing waif Jane took a shine to. Once a series starts using troubled yet adorable (and fashionably togged) young’uns/animals/midgets, it usually means they’ve jumped the shark. Throw in a spiritual awakening evinced by finally speaking at an AA meeting and the finned creatures are circling while Fonzie greases up the waterskis. A couple bottles of whiskey and the second part later, I’m sad to say the finale did no justice to the 15 years of “Prime Suspect” addiction we’ve suffered.
And “I think we need a bigger boat…”

One Response to “And For the Record”

  1. Rob says:

    I lost track of Prime Suspect after a few episodes and have no idea of how many I’ve seen or haven’t seen. Helen Mirren still knocks my socks off. I’ll probably have to spring for the whole set on DVD if it’s not priced too ridiculously (Fairly certain this is a pipe dream).

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