From the State GOP Chairman, Lenny Curry:

Today, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 5-2 in favor of Governor Rick Scott’s campaign promise to make Florida’s state pension fund more secure by requiring government employees to contribute to their pensions just like private employees do every month.

Day in and day out, Governor Rick Scott is fighting to keep the cost of living low for Florida families and on fixing our state’s underlying economic problems, and it’s starting to pay off. Thanks to Governor Scott:

Florida has become a leading state for job creation in America

Florida’s unemployment rate is lower than it has been in many years

Florida’s housing market is on the rebound.

From The Tampa Bay Times:

TALLAHASSEE — In a major victory for Gov. Rick Scott, the Florida Supreme Court narrowly ruled against state workers and allowed the state to retain the 3 percent levy on worker salaries to offset the state’s investment into the Florida Retirement System.

The 4-3 decision allows lawmakers to avoid another $2 billion budget hole next year, while state employees will see their salary cuts remain indefinitely.

The lawsuit, Scott v. Williams, was filed by the Florida Education Association. Lawmakers and Scott had approved the new law over pension fund contributions in 2011. It affected the salaries of 623,000 public employees, including teachers, state, county and some city workers.

“The court’s ruling today supports our efforts to lower the cost of living for Florida families. This means even more businesses will locate and grow in our state, which creates even more opportunities for Floridians to live their version of the American dream,” said Scott in a statement from his office.

Big, big, BIG!!

God, how they HATE Rick Scott in the papers in this state.

The guy’s been a ROCK STAR as far as we’re concerned.

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