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News Corp. Shuts News of the World Amid Hacking Furor

Rupert Murdoch‘s furious critics are getting a sacrificial offering, but not the one they’ve been demanding. Facing calls for the firing of Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News Corp.’s UK newspaper division, Murdoch has instead elected to shut down News of the World, the Sunday tabloid whose practice of obtaining information through illegal cell phone hacks is at the center of a rapidly-spiraling scandal with vast implications for the British press, and even the British government.

Pretty slimey ass buggers anyway.

8 Responses to “And THAT’S Gonna”

  1. Dr Alice says:

    But I always enjoyed reading “News of the World” when I was traveling in the UK. Puts our National Enquirer to shame. The NotW dates back decades and I remember seeing references to it in several Golden Age British detective stories. At least we still have the Daily Mail…

  2. Rob says:

    I’m disappointed that they’re throwing in the towel. They deserve the scandal but I think they could have recovered from it.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    I still haven’t figured out exactly how this happened.

    How does one hack into someone’s voicemail? Did they bribe someone at the phone company?

  4. Rob says:

    Administrators can’t get at my voicemail (So they say) but that may not be in all cases. If they’re paying police for information, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were paying phone company technicians for information on accessing messages or maybe even paying those technicians to do it for them. It’s appalling all around.

  5. Ave says:

    What does that tawdry red-haired temptress know that has the Murdochs falling all over themselves to protect her?

  6. Ave says:

    Answer: Duh, everything.

  7. JeffS says:

    Mr. Bingley, voice mail is digitally recorded onto computer hard drives. Network administrations, and some technicians, have the necessary permissions.

    All someone need do is pay the right phone company employee for a password or two. And then have a tech savvy person access the right account, probably from anywhere on the INTERNET. That’s all. Save for the bribes and inherent illegality, that’s what law enforcement does. All they need is a warrant.

    Welcome to the brave new world of guaranteed privacy.

  8. Rob says:

    Oh, Ave. You are SO right.

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