And the Flying Fickle Finger of Blame Points to

the JOOS!

Bethlehem – Ma’an – The Fatah movement on Wednesday accused Israel of propelling the Palestinians into the current state of security chaos.
Spokesperson for the movement in the West Bank, Dr. Jamal Nazzal, told the Italian Radiotelevisione Italiana, known as RAI, “Israel paved the way for the growth of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, by destroying the PA [Palestinian Authority] departments and security forces’ buildings between 2000 and the election to power of Hamas.”

“Anybody moves, the cook gets it!”
A Swill salute to the American Israeli Patriot for pointing us in the right direction.
UPDATE: Does this mean they’re through?

President Mahmoud Abbas will dissolve the Palestinian Authority’s government Thursday after fighting between rival parties Hamas and Fatah consumed the Gaza Strip and was expected to call for a state of emergency, sources close to Abbas confirmed to FOX News.

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