And the Trend is…


Americans Turn on Obama Over Foreign Policy
Once considered the president’s strength, a new poll shows troubling signs.

“Troubling”? I’d say “ever so encouraging” signs, in that even the most ardent of his “people” are FINALLY pulling the halo obscured lenses from their eyes and getting a glimpse of how they’ve thoroughly boned the rest of us.

Schmaybe even themselves…

3 Responses to “And the Trend is…”

  1. Syd B. says:

    The only good news I’ve hears since January ’08, I read this morning. I certain Obama had nothing to do with this and in fact, if he had his druthers, would have suppressed it.

    A recent report commissioned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reviewed the health benefits of reducing salt intake and the take-home message is that salt, in the quantities consumed by most Americans, is no longer considered a substantial health hazard. What the CDC study reported explicitly is that there is no benefit, and may be a danger, from reducing our salt intake below 1 tsp per day.

  2. David Crawford says:

    I blame George Bush.

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