And the Word This Morning Is


And ahhhhhh. It is good.
At 2:30 Central this afternoon…

…it gets even better.

7 Responses to “And the Word This Morning Is”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    I’m glad I missed this one.
    As a faithful Notre Dame alum since 1985, I have adopted a new rule last year. I only root for them when they’re ahead in the score. They just don’t live up to their hype very much and I am sick and tired of the disappointment of when reality meets hype.

  2. Honest to God, Gunny, that was MAGNIFICENT! And couldn’t happen to a nicer team (I’m talking about the demoralizing loss {8^P).
    The upside to that is, Mike, that they’re not hyped this year. New QB’s, lost 3 guys off the offensive line, etc., but the defense looked great ~ they just got pooped out. The betting is mostly agreed on losing the first 6-8 games, so we’ll see. We root for IU out of nostalgia during b-ball, too and their ‘chant the mantra’ still holds true: “There’s always next year”.
    And after the Michigan game, ND’s looking pretty good.

  3. Kcruella says:

    Football??? It’s still baseball season

  4. WunderKraut says:

    I guess you didn’t read my post yesterday…hehe

  5. Mike Rentner says:

    “After Michigan?”
    There is no “after Michigan.” That frankly is the most important game of the season. The other games are important, too, but if we don’t beat Michigan, and we usually don’t, any win in the rest of the season is just a consolation prize.

  6. I meant “AFTER Michigan got their a$$es handed to them by the AA patsies they scheduled and still have to pay $400 grand, ND losing to a GOOD GT team doesn’t look so bad.”
    Not Michigan in the ND schedule.

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